The journey of a young migrant … #workinprogress

The journey of a young migrant Alain Bruno, 16 years old, from Cameroon.

After the death of his parents, back when he was 13, Alain left his country to « have a better life ». He began a trip that was to last 3 years. First he went to Libya where he went to school for several months before it burned, then he fled to Algeria, then Morocco and landed in Spain, where he met a man who helped him going up to Paris though left him alone there, with no money nor papers at Austerlitz train station.

During several months, he lived under subway station Jaures with others migrants. During the day, he walked Paris streets « to keep his mind busy » despite the difficulties he encounters to get his papers, housing … and eventually simply have the life of a regular teenager.

He quickly learned to fend alone, enrolled school and found a place to sleep at night.

Alain didn’t think life would be so tough in France, though he keeps hoping for a better life. In the coming years, he wants to study law and become a lawyer or notary.

Alain often repeats “I’m not good with my hands, I like to think with my head”